With the 2014-15 football season well under way Sandhurst Town Football Club continues to develop and focus on what it is, rather than what it does. As the senior football club in the Sandhurst and Bracknell Forest area it is of course a club about teams and matches but to say a club is some people who play football is like saying a marriage is about two people who know each other or a family a group of people who live in the same house. All true but gets nowhere near the heart of what defines our club or the Fizzers today. With over 160 registered players this season across eight teams over 90% of our players live in Sandhurst or within a 5 mile radius and we can rightfully claim to provide a broad spectrum of sporting opportunity and are a force for social cohesion in our community. Together with our players, band of volunteers, supporters and parents we can today claim to have created a community with broad shared values. Of course we don’t want to see our teams lose each week and like to see our players make progress. However the club has a much broader focus and gives something much more meaningful, enduring and personal such as solace,joy,remembrance,hope,relaxation,distraction,anticipation,communion and energy to those involved.

Sandhurst Town FC is situated in the enclosed grounds of Bottom Meadow.

We have a purpose built club house at Bottom Meadow wit turnstiles to access the ground and a seated covered stand 

We have  fully equipped home and away changing rooms with walk-in communal showers and toilet facilities within the changing rooms

We have a referees room with shower and bathroom facilities 

We have a fully licenced bar with light snacks that is used for events and match days

Food, drink & Snacks are available from the club bar which is open during and after home games 

We are located in  the Memorial Park there is an extensive children’s play area for small children through to teenagers

There is also a cafe on the corner of the park that sells great sandwiches and hot food with fantastic coffee called Pistachios www.pistachiosinthepark.org.uk 


Coming from Camberley: Once on the A321 (Yorktown Road), drive past the pitches and memorial park on your left, continue past the large car parks.  Turn left in to a small car park opposite Park Road.  There is a café (Pistachios in the Park), some skateboard ramps and a large barrier/gate.  Drive through the gate and park on the grass area on the right-hand side.  The Stadium itself is about 50 yards further down the track (it is visible in the corner). 

Coming from Sandhurst Village: Once on the A321 (Yorktown Road), driving away from the village shops, continue until you see a petrol station on your right.  Continue for a further 50 yards where you need to turn right in to a small car park opposite Park Road.  There is a café (Pistachios in the Park), some skateboard ramps and a large barrier/gate.  Drive through the gate and park on the grass area on the right-hand side.  The Stadium itself is about 50 yards further down the track (it is visible in the corner). 



Sandhurst Memorial Park

Situated on the southern edge of Bracknell Forest and bordering Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire, Sandhurst has much to offer in the form of recreation.

Shepherd Meadows and Sandhurst Memorial Park are neighbouring sites in the south of the town on the River Blackwater. Shepherd Meadows is 40 hectares (100 acre) of wet meadows and woodlands. The site, which was named after wildlife artist David Shepherd, is an important nature and landscape area managed by Bracknell Forest Council. Next door is Sandhurst Memorial Park; a 28 hectare (69 acre) site managed by Sandhurst Town Council for sport and informal recreation.


During medieval times, Shepherd Meadows hosted regular hunting parties from nearby Chertsey Abbey. At the turn of the century, it was used by the Royal Military Academy as a British Army training ground. In the late 1980s, the College Farm residential development and the building of a large shopping centre allowed Bracknell Forest Council to acquire the remainder of the land to complement the existing nature reserve and public open space.

Sandhurst Memorial Park began in 1949 when 2.4 hectares of land known as Brookside Field was purchased by Sandhurst Parish Council to provide a public recreation ground for residents. Successive parish/town councils have gained the rights over adjacent farm and woodlands to make the Memorial Park what it is today.

Shepherd Meadows discovery day


Due to its important meadows and wildlife, Shepherd Meadows is part of the Blackwater Valley Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) - designated by Natural England.

During spring and summer the meadows are covered by wildflowers including golden meadow buttercups, devil’s bit scabious, purple meadow thistle and yellow birds-foot trefoil. The woodland is dominated by trees like oak, ash and alder coppice and includes spring displays of flowers like wood anemone and dog violets.

The meadows are home to over 600 species of insect, including orange tip butterflies, damsel and dragonflies, grasshoppers and bush crickets.

Bird life at Shepherd Meadows includes flocks of siskins, meadow pipits and thrushes in winter. In summer it is home to breeding kestrels, warblers, spotted flycatchers and woodpeckers. The River Blackwater and the feeder channels attract many waterfowl and wading birds. Rarely seen foxes and roe deer also inhabit the meadows.

Sandhurst Memorial Park also contains interesting nature areas, with a balancing pond, a meadow and a small piece of ancient woodland providing ideal habitats for wildlife.

Facilities �
A range of facilities are available to the public


  • Sandhurst Sports Club with its own bar.

  • Coffee Spot - for refreshments and for children’s party hire

  • Skate park with youth shelter.

  • Parish office and community hall.

  • Toilets.

  • Children’s play area and activity trail for youths.

  • Multi-use games area.

  • Tennis courts and basketball court.

  • Football pitches and cricket square.

    Get involved

    Sandhurst Memorial Park hosts a number of community events throughout the year – the most popular include the donkey derby, dog show, funfair, fireworks display and five-a-side football tournaments.

    Shepherd Meadows also hosts events including pond-dipping, minibeasting and conservation volunteering. 


    Access and interpretation

    Shepherd Meadows is a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) continually being improved so that it is visited more frequently than nearby sites in the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area

    - an important heathland area where rare ground nesting birds live.

    The site has a network of paths to help visitor access, including tarmac paths suitable for disabled access, hoggin paths along the north bank of the river and cross-field paths to the south of the river. The Blackwater River Corridor, which includes the Blackwater Valley Path, runs through both sites and is managed by the Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership for the purposes of nature conservation and informal recreation.

    Information points are located throughout the site. These include details of organisations with permanent facilities at the park, an events board, information sign posts to help visitors find their way around and a lectern-style interpretation board.